This week we are pretending to be fashionistas and in particulars, focusing on sexy clothing! So, pull up a chair and see how observant you are or if you are like Castle, oblivious to your incredibly sexy girlfriend as seen above. And, oh by the way, if you happen to peruse a certain THURSDAY TOP TEN before embarking on this lovely lingerie lamentation it is perfectly acceptable! So click away and have some fun!

Victoria Secret Special

In NANNY McDEAD, Beckett alleges that Esposito goes commando, what was his reply?
In DEEP IN DEATH, what color bra is Beckett wearing while undercover as a Russian moll?
In THE LATE SHAFT, what color neglige did Ellie Monroe wear when seducing Castle ?
In PUNKED, the Vic wore the same boxers that Castle does. What brand are they?
We are still PUNKED, which did Castle NOT mention when asking what Beckett wore?
In TICK,TICK,TICK, an undergarment strap is showing from her pink night shirt. What color was it?
In CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MURDER, when Beckett changes her work shirt, what color bra is she wearing?
When Meredith visits in SIGNIFICANT OTHERS and waltzes down the steps in just a tee shirt. What color were her panties?
In which episode did Lanie inadvertently show us she was wearing a thong?
In the final scene of MURDER HE WROTE, what did Beckett wear to bed while narrating the end of HAMPTON’S HEAT.
Victoria Secret Special
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