It’s TRIVIA THURSDAY (good luck CJDB) and let’s focus on the three episodes that were closest to the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX. Sadly we are not ready to balance an egg on its tip, but we will challenge you with these 10 teasers! Click away to enter to upper sanctum!


DEEP IN DEATH again, when Lanie dusted the inside of the glove for prints castle suggested he put on music like what other crime show?
In DEEP IN DEATH, Castle tells Martha that Hollywood is making ASTEROIDS the MOVIE. What actor did he say is playing the triangle?
At the end of DEEP IN DEATH, Montgomery says “ Nice work you two. Very impressive. But tomorrow I want you to tell me the story about how Castle got ...” What is he talking about?
RYESPO discover Beckett speaks Russian. She said “ Sometimes when I am bored I go to cafés in” what area of Brooklyn?
What drug did the detectives think the three vic’s were producing in A DEADLY AFFAIR.
Who were the two authors playing poker with Castle in DEEP IN DEATH.
In A DEADLY AFFAIR, One of the vic’s Chloe Whitman had a number on her hand. What was the number?
In what Manhattan neighborhood did Maya Santori live in A DEADLY AFFAIR.
In A DEADLY AFFAIR, when Beckett asks who He is in a relationship with, Castle tries to changing the subject by asking?
At the end of DEEP IN DEATH, Castle says he and Beckett make a great team. Which team did she not mention?
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