As October rushes toward November then the cold, chilly month of December we offer to you a test of knowledge on all episodes October (the second half coming on Thursday). Of course, if you have been following the TEICH (This Episode In Castle History) you probably will ace these! So go ahead, make my day and click you way to adventure!


IN FOOL ME ONCE, in Castle’s opinion of con movies “ For my money, it starts and it ends with”?
In INVENTING THE GIRL, what did Castle claim the murder weapon as being?
In WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS, what book did Paula get a chapter written about her?
VAMPIRE WEEKEND time, what actor did Doctor Barry Frank make veneers for?
In UNDER THE GUN, after Stuckey eluded Espo and Ryan what was found on their desk at the station?
In PUNKED, suspect Ivan Podofski had a nickname. What was it?
In ANATOMY OF A MURDER, Beckett says she and Castle have a song, name it!
In 3XK, where was Alexis meeting her secret admirer?
HEAD CASE time, what was Beau Randolph famous for?
In KICK THE BALLISTICS, whose gun was it that killed Jane Hertzfeld?
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