Check your brain for Castle tidbits, falalala,falalala,falalala. ‘Tis the season to test your knowledge, falalala,falalala,falalala. You should know all of these answers, falalala,falalala,falalala. Lest you forgot your favorite show falalala,falalala,falalala!


In Secret Santa, Alexis says “Dad, you should toss that. It’s getting kinda gross“ What is she referring to?
When do the Rodgers-Castle clan open presents?
When checking on the ID of the dead Santa, Castle exclaims: Maybe he’s the real Santa. Like in?
When checking over the Santa wannabe, Beckett says: Except for these boots. (she brushes some snow off of one) They are definitely not from the North Pole. They’re custom made from a leather shop in:?
In SECRET SANTA, in the end, who did Beckett get to cover for her Christmas shift?
In the poem for the Castle Family Christmas Card, how many lines does Kate have to write?
And when she is told they must rhyme, she asks :”What word rhymes with?
In BAD SANTA, What was the car the murdering Santa drove when executing the doctor?
The mobster in charge of the Carlucci family had a office in what club?
In Bad Santa, Lanie and Javi pretend to be engaged for her parents benefit. What are Lanie’s parents names?
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