Now that I am committed to rewatching all 173 episodes, I thought I’d share some randomness that I may only care about. So here goes!

Never really realized how annoying Gina’s voice is.  Also why she look at Rick in disdain Jwhen he signed the young ladies chest.  Which by the way was way closer the clavicle.  He did sign two whim we saw

Kate has a ring on her left hand.   We see her with rings in season 2 also but not again until she gets engaged

First Beckett eye-roll comes at the 7:42 mark

Interesting that both Stephen Cannell and James Patterson got higher billing than Espo and Ryan

The book Ryan has is AT DUSK WE DIE

Is it me or the character named “Detective”  Colby French seem to have more screen time than Ryan?

Kyle Cabot had a copy of STORM FALL so he must have been at the launch party, or perhaps, one of the young ladies put their book on eBay where Kyle found it.

Poker game, the dealer pushes the chips to Rick’s pile the shuffles the cards, next shot, the chips are back in the middle of the table but no cards dealt.

Perhaps the only time we see Castle carry a courier bag

29:59 we get the first variation of “You coming Castle?”

How great was Kate providing an excellent reason to Jonathan Tisdale after Castle spooked him.

When did Castle get Kate’s Number so that he could call and warn her about Tisdale coming down the fire escape?

Do they need the shredded material for evidence and were they able to recover it?

When Castle is pounding away on his new book series, he has a blatant typo on the word before!

Stuck with you, perhaps for 172 more episodes?