Just a quick post after reflecting on a comment by SmallScreenSmackdown friend Ruth W. who gave kudos to yesterday’s post but wondered if Madison Queller should have been included.

Mulling this over while driving today I tried to see where Maddie fit, if the Powers To Be were to revisit this wonderful character. My first thought would have been in season three when the Johanna Beckett scholarship was formed as she could have been the caterer but alas, we never got the chance to see the fruition of the fundraiser.

Next, I thought perhaps, Maddie’s restaurant could have been the destination for a Kate-Josh romantic dinner at the end of Countdown. .Then I might, if I were writing, had them have that drink on Valentine’s Day after the arrest of Damien Westlake at Q3.  


Of course having Jenny&Ryan’s reception at Maddie’s place was out of the question! We never saw the reception!

Yet there was one perfect place for Maddie to return and that was at the end of season six.  With the rooftop reception hall gone kaput, they easily should have slotted Maddie to be ‘caterer extraordinaire’ , hell she should have been a bridesmaid!  Oh the fun we missed! . Well there you have it, where I would have give a grand return to our favorite high school friend of Kate!


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