Before we get to today’s ramblings, here are the results from last tuesday’s Poll on who should each of Beckett’s former paramour.

Stana Katic and Darby Stanchfield (Castle’s ex-wife Meredith) appear in the action thriller The Rendezvous (2016). In the book on which the film is based, their characters are sisters.

Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) and Darby Stanchfield (Meredith) play characters who were previously married to one another. In the movie Waitress (2007), they played husband and wife.

In the recurring intro of season 2, Castle compares his and Beckett’s relationship to “Turner & Hooch”. Scott Paulin, who plays Jim Beckett (Kate Beckett’s father) plays a role in Turner & Hooch (1989).

Beckett bought her first comic at age 14, from Comicadia. It was Frank Miller’s Sin City: Dame to Kill For. The character she’d most want to be, however, is Elektra, for the badass ninja skills.  In real life, COMICADIA does exist, albeit as a web based store.

Beckett’s badge number is 41319. Esposito’s badge number is 41077. Ryan’s badge number is 42344, meaning Esposito was hired and went thru the academy at least one year before Beckett and Ryan likely the year after Kate.  I find it interesting that Espo shield is 75931 but there is no way the NYPD have used 34,000 badge numbers in the ten years since Javier was hired. Of course,

Beckett’s shield number changed from the first episode also

Susan Sullivan who plays the eccentric Martha, mom to Richard, many years prior, has a role on the Incredible Hulk, thus adding another cast member who had a part in a comic book recreate.