Over the two Christmas episodes there were a couple of less than Merry scenes. One that comes to mind is in SECRET SANTA where they are under the mistletoe at the precinct. We know they are not engaging in PDA’s but that scene screamed for the “handshake” right?

But then again, Beckett’s whole holiday tradition seems quite Dickens-esque. Not quite Scrooge but as noble as it seemed, she shoulda leveled with Castle earlier, saving the awkward moment.

Yet, the award for AWKWARD! has to go to Esposito! Looking for a booty call on Christmas Eve?

But the ultimate BAH-HUMBUG moment has to go to Gates in BAD SANTA who executing her ‘ orders’ is pleased to kick Castle out of the precinct after all he had done assisting the NYPD. Plus can we really forgive Gates who kick-started the incredibly awful CASTLE PI storyline!