Our journey back to that past galaxy of space and time called CASTLE, I would like to explore the fifth episode of season 1, a very underrated show in my estimation.  For me, the first four installments were a healthy mix of drama and hijinx, inspired banter and introductions to our main characters.   I submit to you HELL HATH NO FURY and this exchange as proof.

In the next episode, the personal anxiety and need to do the right thing gives us a glimpse of the fortitude of Kate Beckett and shows us that CASTLE, The television series, is not always going to have a clean case and happy ending.  Although, Castle still walks the fine line between wiseass and jackass.

But, yet, Castle can be quite empathetic and is solid enough to have raised a good daughter.

Nothing proves my hypothesis more than the scene I laid out below where Beckett had to do her sworn duty and arrest Mr. Davidson.  Heartbreaking for everyone involved, Beckett, Castle, Davidson, Mrs. Davidson and the grandkids.  To me it established a credibility that the show was for real.

And if that wasn’t enough the ending salvo where Beckett reveals a piece of herself she kept hidden away up to this point.  The pictures are great but to watch the scene play out is a piece of CASKETT history.