WAYBACK WEDNESDAY: Lanie Parish M.E season 1



Taking  Mr.Peabody’s wayback machine, we landed in spring of 2009 where we first met lovely Medical Examiner Lanie Parrish.  Here are some of my favorite Lanie scenes.



The murder victim is covered in flowers which reminds Detective Kate Beckett of another murder but she could not immediately place it.  It comes to her that it was the basis of a Derrick Storm novel.  Engaging the somewhat famous author, Lanie meets Rick at the second crime scene.




Jumping ahead a bit, We get a very funny exchange in episode 4 where sshe tells Beckett she should be out having fun with Castle instead of going out for drinks with her.



But my favorite is when Castle drags Beckett to the big social shindig.  Beckett rampaged through her closet for a de end dress with Lanie’s help.  When the doorbell rings, Lanie yells to her not to put on her prom dress ?

imageimageAnd the ever famous Lanie quote!



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