WAYBACK WEDNESDAY: MAKE MY DAY (or something like that)

As we enjoy the midway part if the week, let’s take a peek into a really fun scene from season 1. I call it…


Way back into the last century, there was a plethora of tough acting and tough talking cops. None as famous as Clint Eastwoods portrait of Harry Callahan, especially the scene when he asks the perp “Do you feel lucky”. Well, our beautiful detective did a spot on reenactment in HOME IS WHERE THE HEART STOPS!

Let’s get a running start, shall we? Castle is ordered to stay in the car (again) and who woulda known, he actually complied.

But, let’s be serious, we all knew he would embrace the 9 year old on a sugar rush, pretending to be a real cop, like the TV show

He did try, bless his heart. and for his effort he cam home with a Souvenir! And we get to immortalize the catch-phase “Go ahead. I need the practice.” putting Detective Kate Beckett in the same company as Dirty Harry.