A loud sigh of relief and all down hill from here, once again we present to you another installment of WAYBACK WEDNESDAY!  Today. We take a peek into what might have been, one who got away, perhaps the one great love.  But good thing she did, because his true love is right there with him!

Sometimes the greatest voice of reason is Lanie. She was able to cut through the nonsense and call out Kate on the matter. She certainly gave Beckett something to ponder as the activities unfolded.

Sometimes it is hard to let go of the past. The embers of love flicker with the hope of growing, glowing once again into a spark leading to a roaring fire.

It has been a long time since they met on the rooftop, he with notebook, pen and food and she with her textbooks to study.  Three years they were the great love.  But it has been a lifetime since they last danced under the big clock at Grand Central Station.  Forever since she boarded that flight to London from JFK.  Gut-wrenching to not chase after her.

Worse still is when your partner catches you in the act, and you realize how wrong and forbidden love can sometimes be.

But still, she did get away (twice) once so many years ago and again after their fateful meeting. Then being man enough to support her happiness.

Yet, here she is, getting married.  Unconventionally and Rick and Kate are special guests.  Weddings provide joy, love, hope even for the eternal Mr. Sunshine Rick Castle.  Perhaps even for the pragmatic detective Beckett.  After all it is said “As superstition has it today, the lady who catches the bouquet will be the next to get married.”  Lucky for Castle Kate accepted Kyra’s invitation.  A shame we had to wait almost five years for it to happen!