On this day, the 10th of November we glance back to how this date became a reality, deeply embedded into Castle folklore. For it us this day the writers chose to be the official beginning of the sacred bond of matrimony between our two favorite protagonists. For on this day, as the sun set over the sleepy town of East Hampton that Kate and Rick professed their undying and unbreakable love to and for each other.

But wait…. before they would actually go through with it, we had two other times Castle seemed to float a test balloon gauging Beckett’s reaction to “I do!” The first came very early on, during the re-enactment of a murder scene. Sadly Beckett asked for the same ending Meredith and Gina did…

Then came the time Castle just set up the pins to knocked down as Beckett got in two zingers in this volley.

But, finally the ending was beautiful