This week let’s delve into what I call the LEGEND OF KATHERINE BECKETT aka her backstory. In the fifth ever episode of CASTLE, we get a nice taste of character development, mostly from the perspective of our lovely detective. For 4 installments, we can see Castle chomping at the bit to know what makes Kate tick. Like this exchange from the Pilot:

Finally in A CHILL GOES THROUGH HER VEINS, Castle sees his opening when Beckett is seething mad at Sheriff Sloan for his shoddy detective skills and aloofness toward Melanie Cavanaugh. While she rants, Castle asks her the almost innocent question about her past.

After the case, when Beckett does the right thing even though every fiber of her being is screaming to let Mr. Davidson off the hook, she decided to offer up the nugget of truth Castle was begging for.

Sadly, Castle cannot respect Beckett’s wishes and dives head first into her mother’s case breaking Kate’s trust, one hundred percent opposite of Castle’s well meaning yet devastating actions.