Hard to believe that this episode aired almost 12 years ago. One of the great episodes for various reasons, most will point to the great book launch party and the amazing Herve Leger dress Kate wore and the fun ‘dance’ they did about the book offer. And, although I am tempted to write about the perfectly cast Paula Haas (Debi Mazer) who totally stole her two scenes, I think the opening crime scene and ending scene make this show great.

Jerking Castle’s chain

Getting to the crime scene made busting his chops so perfect. One of the great things about the first three seasons of Castle was that Ricky was the recipient of the jokes and it really worked ha I g him be the comic talent. This gets lost once “the powers that be” decided to have two alpha’s with Kate the one to acquiesce. So, that to me makes this scene priceless!

Not You Sir!

And when writer René Echevarria ended the show with a verbal duel totally centered around the misunderstanding of a three book deal, and which Castle should take really tied the bow on it for me. Maybe it was just me, but Beckett’s relaying of Montgomery’s words made me wish there was a split screen so we could see Roy’s facial expression. But the words penned for Roy and Paula were priceless! Kudos Rene’!