When we last left Our beloved  captain Kate Beckett and disgraced Senator William Bracken they were engaging in a lovely conversation.  

Kate finally found who ordered the hit in her mom and secured his arrest in the most embarrassing means possible.

 But alas in the annals of procedural television history these two, Stana Katic and Jack Coleman interacted in another television drama.  Only this time they worked on the same side.  

Stana played the role of Hana Gitelman who was an evolved human who experienced tragedy in her youth, joined the Israeli Army, and was recruited by Mr. Bennet to join the Company.  

Hana has the ability to intercept, generate and interpret electronic wireless transmissions. She can read e-mails and text messages as they are being transmitted, even before they are received. She can also send messages directly from her mind.  

 Assisting Mr. Bennet in a secret meeting at the old Primatech Paper Co. building, Hana provides a family with new identities that they can use to go into hiding with their son, who is an evolved human. She is later killed by Homeland Security after they’re fail to capture Hiro Nakamura at the facility.  


 So I guess you can say their score is tied one apiece!


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