What Lies Beneath Castle Season 8 episode 4


When Castle’s idol, a famously reclusive author, turns up dead, Castle is determined to solve his hero’s murder. But as he and Beckett dig deeper, they discover that truth is stranger than fiction.


– Once again, great advice by Martha, this time given to Kate

– Great suit that Beckett wore.  First time she wears a skirt/dress on the show? I mean outside of going undercover?

– Sign of the cross,altar boy reflex,classic!

– Great twist having “Dave Johnson” have several fake identities

– Kate pretending to be doing paperwork while hiding her Vulcan Simmons file, twice!

– Kate laying down on the couch shows the strain of her late night hours pursuing Loksat.

– Pigs wrapped in Kevlar, classic!

– Castle pulling one from Alexander Cross’s playbook with the hug and bug on Espo

– the PLA leader and Dave’s sponsor telling Castle,Ryan and Espo what he really thought

– Blind priest running away, then Beckett called Castle to bust chops

– Beckett correct in making sure she had something solid before going to the DA

– Midnight run strategy and Castle having Beckett’s back on the trickery angle in case it went south

– Slush fund twist was a very nice touch

– Powerful moment when Castle theorizes that the Dave was killed over a lie, which shakes Beckett greatly, but also makes Espo and Ryan take pause with each other

– Castle telling Kate he lied on making the coffee and if he told her the secret ingredient she wouldn’t need her anymore, and she tosses him a hopeful bone.

– Good news on the heroin trail to end the show and drive that storyline forward

– Rick saying have a good night, a departure from “until tomorrow”


– Castle representing the victim’s  wife, huh?

– Party at Castle to curry favor, really?

– Priest faking blindness

– Using the Priest to set up the sting.

– Rick’s painful goodnight without a promise of a tomorrow with her.

– If Rick is so keen to get Beckett back why the smug and condescending attitude when Beckett called for help?


– Murder in the 12th precinct jurisdiction! When did that matter?

– Castle lunching with an Irish mobster

– Fighting over the Sargeants exam

– Ryan as a mole? By the second call it became tedious

– Church owing City Hall?

– Vikram once again spoiling a Kate-Rick moment


– This shows sure have a lot of church scenes

– Back to the low cut tops for Beckett

– Beckett with a black bra again, maybe a push-up?

– Beginning of the parallel split of Espo and Ryan

– Nice interplay between Castle and Beckett over celebratory coffee

– Beckett telling Castle she hated the book, classic!


ALEXIS: Dad when it comes to your sex life how about we stick to the After School  Special version?

BECKETT:  Your client,Castle? Plesee don’t tell me you ambulance chased this woman

CASTLE:  Hey guys! how are you? you guys hungry?

ESPOSITO:  Ohhhh yeaaa….. Did he also cross his heart and hope to die?

BECKETT: So let me get this straight, you got parkoured by a blind priest?

CASTLE:  I’d say his blindness is in question

BECKETT: Uh-Hun and what about the fact that he is 60? Was he faking his age too?

CASTLE:  Sixty is the new Twenty. Did you call just to break my chops?

BECKETT:  Yea, pretty much.  All right speedy, I got to go, don’t forget to stretch before bed


Good episode with a couple of good plot twists.  Beckett still with a firm resolve when it comes to her separation with Castle.  A change of pace where she is in the precinct the whole show and not in the field.  Not loving Castle PI and how much Alexis is involved, shouldn’t she we finishing college?  I enjoyed Beckett busting Castle’s chops twice but the second exchange about the priest getting away was great!  Also quite a poignant moment when Castle theorizes on lies especially between spouses.  I did like that they tried to push the Loksat storyline ahead but at an ever snail-like pace.  That could have been an excellent storyline is the pace was action packed.